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(Trigger warning: sexual violence, rape, torture) Few mediums reveal the White sexual imperialistic exploitation of Asian women more so than pornography. In a 2002 study conducted by Jennifer Lynn Gossett and Sarah Byrne, out of thirty-one pornographic websites that depicted rape or torture of women, more than half showed Asian women as the rape victim and one-third showed White men as the perpetrator. The study further uncovered a strong correlation between race and pedophilia, advertising with titles such as “Japanese Schoolgirls” or “Asian Teens.” Furthermore, images of Asian women in pornographic forms consistently came up through a keyword search for “torture.” Many scholars warn that race-specific pornography contributes to race specific sexual violence. Since the overwhelming majority of violent pornography features Asian women in particular, it follows that Asian women are at even greater risk of sexual violence due to their role in violent pornography.

Pornography leads to other alarming sexual-racial trends involving Asian women as well. For example, depictions of Filipinas as sexual commodities on the Internet have been linked to the mail-order bride industry in Australia. Researchers further speculate that online sexual commodification of Filipinas may at least partially explain why Filipinas experience disproportionate levels of domestic violence compared to non-Filipina women.

White men’s fascination with Asian women in pornography stems from early nineteenth century Western imperialism. To colonize the Asian nations, countries such as the United States flooded Asia with military forces. As an inevitable result of military presence, prostitution centers consisting of local civilian women sprung up to cater to the White servicemen. With these sexual experiences as their main, if not only, encounters with Asian women, White servicemen returned home with the generalization that Asian women are hypersexualized and always willing to comply with White man’s prurient demands. This germinated even more interest in Asian women as sexual objects. To sustain this increased interest, the Asian sex tour industry developed. Asian sex tourism further perpetuates the stereotype of Asian women as hypersexualized and always willing. If Asian women are perceived as hyper-sexual, it understandably follows that sexually explicit materials, pornography for example, would include a preponderance of Asian women.


(also: The Hypersexuality of Race: Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene, Asian Pacific American Women and Racialized Sexual Harassment, Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire (via 100newfears)

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“I keep rearranging the letters of my sisters The Beatles sign on her bedroom door.

She is not happy.” 

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An Essay on the Fetishization of black men in white Heterosexuality and Heterosexual Pornography



Due to my personal experiences, my biggest trigger is the exploitation of black-white interracial relationships, specifically between black men and white women.

I do believe it is possible for black and white people to truly love each other, but people who fetishize black people, especially black males (because it triggers memories) will forever be on my nuisance list. The fetishization of black women also irks me, but I’m just going to focus on black men.

I couldn’t find a lot of information on this subject so I hope this add some dimension that haven’t been, but should be explored on the topic of fetishization of black men.

Although interracial is supposed to mean “involving different races” however in pornography it is code word for black-white porn, sometimes going as far to just to mean black man/men and white woman porn.


[image description: a symbol for interracial cuckoldry, based on the myth of the black male penis, being larger that the white males’. Some people have printed shirts with this symbols.]

I hate seeing black males fetishized and used as sex objects for white sexuality. Over time I noticed certain patterns in fetishization of black males in professional pornography by the porn industry and amateur pornography by white heterosexual couples, though both have their similarities and differences.

Professional Pornography

In professional pornography it is too common for these type of films:

  • to have the white female actor to have blonde hair
  • to have a cuckoldry theme, as the ‘husband’ watches
  • to have multiple black male actors perform at the same time with a single white female actor. These are called “gangbangs” and black men perform these with only white women.
  • for the black male actor(s) to be stereotypical, have extremely vulgar language and large penises, sometimes portrayed as a thug caricatures

'Fun' Fact: There are actual pornographic actors named Nat Turnher (a reference to Nat Turner) and Mandingo who perform with many white women.


[image description: This is an actual adult film sequel]

'Fun' Fact: This series was so successful to the white male audience that it spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs such as: Oh no! There’s a negro in my daughter/sister/mom.


[image description: A cover of “Oh No! There’s a Negro in my Mom! 4” with a tagline of “Now With Blacker Negroes!”.

A Glimpse of White Sexuality in Amateur Pornography

In interracial amateur pornography it always a theme of cuckoldry, as the husband records the copulation between his wife and a black man or sometimes multiple black men. Whether any of the males are paid is unknown, from my research I could only find evidence of black men willingly offering their bodies and giving themselves dehumanizing terms “bbc”, “bull”, “stud”, etc. (I’ll write more about these term below) as they seek out white women.


[image description: posts on an online ‘interracial’ sex forum of black men calling themselves racial derogatory terms and seeking nearby white women for sex. Who are these sad broken black men?]

White couples and the porn industry dehumanize black men by portraying them ‘hypermasculine sexual savages’ with large penises. Black males are called dehumanizing terms such as “monsters”, “bbc (big black cock)”, “mandingos”, “stallions”, “bulls” and “studs” (animal selected for breeding). Some of these terms (especially “stallion” and “stud”) have have been used to define black men since slavery in the United States.The copulation between black men and white women would be called “breeding” and a white women who went through the act is considered “black bred”.

#Teamblackboys: Once they go black, they always go back

Heterosexual white women who buy into the stereotype of the ‘black sexual savage’ have fetishistic sayings like “addicted to black men” or “#teamblackboys”, and go out of their way to date black males. The interesting thing is that we all (or at least me) know full well that 20-30 years down the line those women will most likely be married to a white man. They see black males as sex objects not as people you can love. This may explain the cuckoldry themes, if black men were superior lovers why isn’t there more interest to marry black men instead of just dating them.

Fetishizers love to say black men are superior lovers, that they want to date black men, have sex with them, or even go as far as to say that they want to be impregnated by black men (whether they actually go through with this or this is just pure fantasy is unknown to me). However the interest to actually love intimately in a non-sexual manner remains zero.


[image description: white girls and black boys tweeting under #teamblackboys, #teamwhitegirls would become the next thing, naturally]


I’m tired of feeling like I’m the only person who notices these things because I seem find little to no information on the fetishization of black men or racism in interracial pornography. And I’m sick to my stomach at the people uphold the fetishization of black men, especially by black men themselves.

This essay was intended to display my anger toward white people who perpetuate the fetishization but after more research I am appalled at number of cisgender heterosexual black males that would betray themselves like this. There is nothing I want more than to see the complete annihilation of the fetishization of the black male body.

this post was amazingly written. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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